Pipe Materials

Pipe is made from many different materials depending upon the properties of the media that is being transported. For example, pressure is used to transport potable water to it's end user. So, a pipe that has high pressure rating (typically greater than 150 psi) must be used. It would also be desirable for the pipe to have a smooth interior to promote good flow. While many different types of pipe have these qualities, the most common for use in potable water distribution are PVC Pipe, Ductile Iron Pipe and HDPE Pipe. For larger diameter applications, Precast Concrete Pressure Pipe (PCPP) and Spiral Welded Steel Pipe are practical. These are just typical materials that are used...when designing a project, a civil engineer will carefully review all of the practical options and make a selection that is then incorporated into his design. Let's also examine another common use for pipe...sanitary sewer collection. Wastewater can typically be collected via two methods...gravity flow or pressure flow.

Gravity flow is a more economical method of transportation if the grade of the land is suitable for installation. If a project can be designed with only gravity flow, the use of a costly pump station can be avoided. Now...on to the type of pipe that can be used. Because of low pressures used in gravity wastewater collection, thinner walled material can be used. It should also be noted that corrosive gasses can exist in a sewer system, so a corrosion resistant material must be used. According to these guidelines, typical pipes for a gravity sewer system are thin walled PVC pipe (such as SDR 35 PVC), Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP), HDPE pipe and ductile iron pipe with an appropriate corrosion resistant interior coating.

Pressurized waste-water pipe (also known as a force main) have substantially the same characteristics as a potable water main, so similar pipe (color coded accordingly) can be used. The only exception are metal pipes, which must have a corrosion resistant coating due to caustic sewer gases.

Ok...enough talk about pipe uses. The purpose of this page is to re-direct you to the specific pipe material that you are looking for. By following the link below you will find a wealth of information on each pipe type.

PVC Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipe

Steel Pipe


Ductile Iron Pipe aka DIP

And Other Pipe Types Coming Soon....

  • Copper Pipe
  • Copper Tubing
  • Galvanized Pipe
  • Aluminum Pipe
  • Concrete Pipe
  • Asbestos Cement Pipe
  • CPVC Pipe
  • PEX Pipe
  • vitrified Clay Pipe a.k.a. VCP
  • Transite Pipe
  • Iron Pipe
  • Fiberglass Pipe
  • Brass Pipe
  • Cement Pipe
  • Titanium Pipe

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